Torrie Wilson is most known for spending nearly 9 years as a pro-wrestling superstar with the WWE. On the road nearly 300 days per year, she performed for live crowds of up to 90,000 globally, not to mention the millions every week on television or pay per view. Not many that knew her would have guessed that would be her path but there was never a doubt that her charisma in and out of the ring made her one of the most popular Diva’s to ever step in the ring.

While studying pre-dietetics at Boise State University, Torrie was at the tail end of a battle with an eating disorder and starting to put on the ‘Freshman 10’ during her third year. Determined to be healthy and look good the right way, she began devouring fitness magazines and admiring the women see saw with muscles that maintained a feminine look. From the second she opened her first fitness magazine, Torrie had her sights set on a new goal..looking like a shapely and fit woman. Not like a 110 lb waif. Torrie entered a fitness competition, mostly because she knew if she set a goal it would keep her focused. She only competed in 3 shows but was immediately scouted by photographers and shooting magazine covers.

It didn’t take Torrie long to realize that Boise, Idaho was not the place for her to be if she wanted to take her career to the next level, so a year after her fitness competition she packed up and moved to L.A. It was always her dream to live in Los Angeles and be working as an actress and model, but Torrie never quite believed she could do it. It wasn’t until she landed her 2nd magazine cover that she finally got the courage to say her dream out loud. This is why today, Torrie goes to great lengths to let others’ know that believing in yourself is a crucial first step in achieving anything we want to. And also why positive self talk is just as important.

Moving was the best decision she could have made. Within the first 3 months Torrie was working and three months after that, she had a chance encounter at a wrestling show while accompanying her then boyfriend, that ended up turning into a nearly 9 year career as a WWE Diva. This seemed like the perfect blend of two things Torrie loves the most: Athletics and Entertainment.

Even with the crazy travel schedule, it was always a priority to get workouts in and she says she has probably seen every gym in every U.S. city and every major international city. It definitely wasn’t always easy and there were highs and lows, but all of the peaks and valley’s taught her valuable lessons about what things worked and what didn’t.

Torrie has a unique ability to touch the heart of everyone she meets with her genuine interest and care for them. To live our best life it’s not just about workouts. It’s also about eating healthy and balanced; yet allowing ourselves room to live in a realistic world that includes having a piece of cake at a birthday party without going on a 2 week binge after. And it’s about our healthy mind and soul, because that is where it all starts. Torrie feels comfortable saying this because it has not come easy to her. (and is ongoing for all of us) Overcoming an eating disorder at a young age, hypothyroidism diagnosed at 16, career ending back surgery, breakups, failed businesses...many things we all face and have to overcome. We can either use setbacks as excuses or we can use them as fuel to becoming the greatest success story we could ever hear. OUR OWN.