Torrie moved to Los Angeles after competing in 3 fitness competitions and during many of her acting auditions was told she was much too muscular. She refused to change what she was proud of. Years later, it became more accepted for women to have muscle.

Torrie has hypothyroidism. Diagnosed at the age of 16, Torrie takes daily medication for this disorder for underactive thyroid.

In 2008, Torrie had back surgery to replace a collapsed disc. She made the decision to hang up her wrestling boots for good shortly after.

Torrie now adhere's to flexible dieting. By listening to her body, eating healthy but also allowing herself the things she craves in moderation she has managed to get leaner with age and feel better than ever. With sanity!

Torrie was scouted by Ted Turner's WCW in 1999 after attending a live event with her then boyfriend. Weeks later she was in a storyline with Ric Flair, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan.

Torrie studied at Boise State University but after her 3rd year she decided to pack up and move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. While at BSU, she studied pre-dietetics.