8 Signs of depression you should know


Depression is one of the least understood disorders of the modern times we live in.  Many people don’t even know they suffer from this disease and unfortunately, may not even realize how great they COULD feel.

Now you do not need to label the moments when you simply have a bad day. Depression is a mental disorder which can cause symptoms that don't get better in time and can completely wreck havoc on your personal, professional and social life. The lack of information, the stigma surrounding mental disorders and an incorrect diagnosis are some of the reasons why many patients suffering from this disorder don’t receive the treatment they need.

The first step in combating this disorder is knowing its symptoms.

Low Self-Esteem, Guilt & Hopelessness

If you have feelings of guilt, lack of self-confidence and a bleak vision of your life and the future then you might be suffering from depression.  Some excessively blame themselves for past mistakes; some express a heightened sense of guilt, and some feel disgusted with who they are. People with depression are more unforgiving of themselves.


Depression suppresses the levels of serotonin (the hormone that creates the feeling of happiness) and epinephrine (the neurotransmitter responsible for creating energy). That is why many people suffering from depression will feel tired even after an adequate night’s sleep or without doing any major physical activity. This results in chronic fatigue.


Depression also messes up the homeostasis process which tells your body when it's time to sleep and when it's time to wake up. That is why insomnia is another common symptom in people suffering from depression.

Anger & Irritability

Besides the sense of despair, anger is another emotion that is characteristic of the initial stage of depression. Any tiny thing can trigger an outburst from a depressed person, making them lose control. Some people might not verbally express their rage, but they can be consumed by anger internally.


When you suffer from depression anxiety does not encompass only the feeling of being nervous about something. An anxiety attack can put that person on the edge and push him into the deeper darkness to the point of paranoia. Anxiety might come with physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, and a rapid heartbeat.

Lack of Concentration and Short-Term Memory Loss

You might be depressed if, besides the constant feeling of being miserable you also lack concentration. You might notice that you are unable to concentrate on a single thing for more than a few seconds, you constantly forget where you put your things, or you have become less productive at work.

Reckless Behavior

People suffering from depression give an impression of living life on the edge or being too wild. Do not mistake being adventurous with being depressed. Gambling, risky sexual behavior, substance abuse or alcoholism might be a person’s way of getting away from unpleasant feelings or his coping mechanism against inner suffering.

Recurring Thoughts of Suicide and Death

Depression also triggers thoughts of suicidal death, which need to be addressed urgently. Suicidal tendencies may vary from online searches and planning, recurrent thoughts, physical self-harm or role-playing.

If you or a dear one suffer from any of these symptoms, seek specialized help as soon as possible. Depression can be treated and the sooner it is diagnosed, the better.