Getting Through Difficult Life Situations


Life can bring us many challenges. At times we may feel as if our strength is being tested. Joy or sorrow, rain or shine; this is how we define life. We know that in life we have to be prepared for anything, but sometimes things hit us so hard that it can damage us both mentally and physically.

Although it's difficult, trying to make the best of these challenges, or at the very least looking for any possible lesson or silver lining is what helps us to grow. Some situations we cannot change and we have to choose to either plow through them or let them cause havoc with our inner peace. The best thing to do in many instances is to accept them and move on. I know I know, easier said than done. But truly, we are all so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

Getting injured or falling sick

My teenage years were shadowed by my fight with an eating disorder, which triggered my hypothyroidism during these years. It was a struggle and recovering from this took a lot of strength. But I accepted that my thyroid would be something I will always have to watch and take care of.

Sickness might find us and accidents happen, no matter how cautious we are or how healthy we live. Sometimes you have to learn to live with changes to your body or with medical conditions that can be an emotional and physical challenge. But the journey towards recovery starts with acceptance and optimism. Through this, we can find our warrior spirit and will discover qualities we never thought we had.


Breakups suck. Love is suddenly replaced by anger, sadness, revenge, emptiness and pain. It can be hard, but accepting the fact that it isn’t working out and taking some time to give yourself proper love is one of the best things you can do. Allowing yourself to cry is healthy, but do not allow yourself to get sucked into a dark never ending hole. Focus on all the fun things you have been wanting to do or learn. Be productive. Be selfish! The pain will subside and love will come again when the time is right.. Understand and trust that where you are right now is where you should be and something even more amazing is coming your way. Use this time to become a better you and learn to love being alone. For me, learning to love being alone has changed my life!


Nobody wants to fail, but it happens to all of us sooner or later. Not being able to meet our goals we have worked so hard for and the negativity and sense of worthlessness it brings along can be very hard to deal with. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? Failing is the biggest indicator of a truly successful person! The biggest success stories often also contain numerous stories of failing, but the success comes from getting right back up… and noting the hard earned lessons we are supposed to take with us for the REAL success coming our way. With determination, perseverance and patience, we will rise even higher. Believe it.


The divorce rate in this modern world is extremely high. This does not mean that a failed marriage does not imply pain and a difficult transition for both parties. Divorce is a terrible experience no matter if it takes place after 1 or 30 years of marriage. It gets even more complicated when kids are involved.

Sometimes divorce is the best option when the marriage is not working. I’ve always believed in giving it a fair shot, putting in the work. But at the end of the day we have to choose what is best for everyone involved. Hopefully It will open the door for positive changes and eventually finding love again.

No matter how hard we may try to hide from difficult situations, it's impossible. We will all face them. It’s how we get through these things that shape who we are. With every struggle we become stronger, wiser. In my opinion, those who have pushed through the toughest times ( self inflicted or not ) and gotten right back up with a new outlook are always the most inspirational and interesting anyway. :)