Letting go of FEAR


FEAR has the ability to ruin our lives. Fear will stifle us in one spot for as long as it can keep it’s greedy little hold of us…sometimes for an entire lifetime.  The devil loves when we are full of fear because we don’t try…we give up. It’s what holds us back from going for our dreams, from achieving goals, from living the life we dream of! The more we fall, often it results in even more fear, but those who achieve must get back up and brush off the dirt. The most successful people in life are those who have failed much more than us and gotten right back up. 


Slipped on your diet? Next! Lost a job? Next! Embarrassed yourself? Next! 


I will admit, there have been big failures in my life that have taken much longer than I would have hoped to recover from. Fear snuck up on me and took a tight hold for way too long. I was too scared to even dream about things or aspire because I couldn’t bear the thought of failing again. It was a nightmare that I didn’t know how to get out of. But the great thing about getting older is also getting wiser..and we will never achieve if we don’t let go of the fear that disables us. 

Sometimes we fear things and we don’t even realize it. Then we self sabotage to feed the fear within us. We have to take a deep look inside of ourselves and get real. What do you fear? Whatever it is…it’s holding you back in some area of your life. It will continue to hold you back until you face it, acknowledge it and tell it to leave you alone! 

A FEARLESS ATTITUDE is what we have to remind ourselves to have each and every day. Every morning remind yourself to be the warrior or warrior-ess that you are meant to be and watch how it will change your life.