Love Yourself


Loving yourself is not easy. Most of us are not happy with the way we look or maybe we just flat out don't like ourselves. No matter the reason, many of us prefer to avoid thinking too much about ourselves. And this is so wrong...

Loving yourself is the key to success. You will be confident, more open to others, friendlier, more open to meeting new people, more eager to live life to the fullest. Love is what makes us happy, is what makes us feel that this life has a purpose. But love does not only have to be for another person, it should also be for ourself first.


You have to learn to accept yourself. Can't you do that? Then just take a pen and paper, and just try this:

1. Write down everything that you find annoying about yourself, things that you cannot accept. Get naked and look in the mirror. Try to see how much you can look at yourself without judging. Write down your thoughts.

2. For every flaw that you write down, you must also write a good quality. There are many good! Try to see the good side of the bad things that you find yourself.

3. Look again in the mirror. Look at each part of your body and think about what its purpose is. Where do you walk with those feet? What do you do with those hands? What do you see with your eyes? See the perfection of your body and how it helps you do whatever you want it to every day.

4. Stay in front of the mirror, close your eyes and think of all the people that you love. Awaken the love inside you and imagine how it spreads all over your body. Now open your eyes and look into the mirror until it naturally comes to you to say something nice about yourself. Do not force yourself, just talk to you, ask yourself questions, and imagine that you talk to a dear friend. It might seem weird at first but it’s really empowering!

5. Thank yourself. Be grateful that you gave yourself the chance to do this exercise, that you have the power to start over, that you want to accept yourself along with all those perfectly imperfect flaws.


Several times a day take the time to think about the present. This is where you are, this is where your soul is. Be here, be NOW. Feel your body, listen to your breath, see yourself in the present. There will be days when you will look at yourself, and you will say that you are too

fat, too skinny, too ugly, etc. Exactly at those moments, just try to observe yourself. You will realize that when you are critical of yourself, you are just afraid.

Loving yourself takes work no matter who you are. You will not feel it overnight, but with small steps, you will begin a beautiful and challenging journey of acceptance. Learn to accept yourself exactly as you are and remember that what others think about you does not matter, Good OR bad. You matter.