Mindful Loving


The following is from a book I love called Mindful Loving  by Henry Grayson. It just reminds us how important it is to work at steering our thoughts into positive ones. Our mind can truly be our own worst enemy or our biggest weapon!

The connection between our thoughts and our lives in inseparable. The degree to which our thoughts are out of control is the degree to which our lives and our relationships feel out of control. Just as we can easily understand that an athlete or musician cannot perform well if his thoughts are out of control-  that is, not focused - so it is true in every  arena of our lives. A person with angry thoughts is likely to be an angry person. A person who houses fear thoughts is likely to be a frightened person; and, as we saw above, this often attracts like a powerful force field what he is afraid of into his life. A person with a disorganized mind is likely to be disorganized in his life. A person with hopeless, judgmental, guilty, or powerless thoughts is likely to be depressed. And on it goes, all  affecting how our relationships progress.

Whatever we think, not just about ourselves but even about others, always boomerangs instantly. If I dwell on a loving thought about someone else, I feel instantly joyful. If I dwell on an angry or resentful thought about someone else, I have attacked my own inner peace and it is annihilated instantly.