Simple ways to calm your soul


Sometimes our busy lives filled with being on the run & everyday stress leaves us feeling like we can’t cope with the challenges and messes with our peace of mind.

Our daily schedule is sometimes too much for our mind and body, and we find ourselves tired, depressed and anxious. This havoc also leaves its mark on our souls, which are the core essence of who we are. Everything that affects our soul affects our entire body, that’s why it is important for each of us to learn how to take care of the one we have.

Clear your mind

Our minds are constantly at work, even when we sleep. We are always thinking of something, whether it’s a project from work, the list of groceries we have to buy, our childs' school PTA meeting….you name it. All these thoughts leave our minds with no time for rest. Sometimes we just have to let go, to disconnect.

Only when our minds are relaxed, our souls will be at rest too. At this moment of tranquility, our souls can communicate with us and we discover our inner selves. Clearing our mind is not an easy task, but it can be done with simple meditation techniques:

Close your eyes and practice deep breathing. When stray thoughts are trying to enter your mind, block them out constantly returning to focusing on your breathing. It will be very difficult at first, but keep trying until you manage to keep your mind clear.

Be Happy

Easy to say right? Who does not want to be happy? Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten what this word means. But happiness is not only related to external joy, it is also indicative of your inner state of being.

There are so many events in our lives that can make us feel sad, whether it’s some bad news, a failure or illness. Always remember that the power to improve your state of mind lies within your soul..and you hold the key.

Improve your attitude

We waste a lot of energy and time worrying about things that we cannot control. Stop obsessing over tasks or achieving perfection. Spend more time listening to singing birds, the sound of waves or even the bliss of silence. Change your perceptions and your attitude will follow, freeing yourself from negative energy.

Before you go to sleep at night, remind yourself of all you do have to be grateful for and make the conscious effort to RELEASE anything you have no immediate control over. Thinking about it is not going to change anything as you are snoozing off.

 The key to having a calm soul is patience and practice. The journey might seem endless and tough, but never lose hope. We all go through ups and downs, but once we realize the power we have, just by learning to let go for even brief periods of time, or choosing to look at things from a different perspective…any of the work we do will be well worth it. …..And YES, there may be times in life where this all seems like a big joke, but I promise you that using a few of these techniques can help you weather the storm like a true champ.