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6 Pack Attack Medicine Ball Edition
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First we are going to do "Mountain Climbers On Medicine Ball" Hands on the medicine ball or the floor depending on your skill level. Get into plank position. Do a running motion while keeping the body straight. This exercise helps activate the abs.

Next we are going to do "Wood Chops" Low to high you need to go left to right bring ball from your shin all the way up high. We are blasting calories! After you are done left to right then go right to left.

Next we are doing "Squat To Overhead Throw" This is one of my favorite exercises, squat low and as you rise throw ball back try to snap back quick at the top to work fast twitch muscles. Just remember you are not throwing the ball but holding onto it.

Finally we are doing "Bicycle Crunches" Stay up, opposite elbow to knee, go as fast or slow as you want as long as you can.

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