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Fab Abs
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Double Leg Lifts is one of the best exercises you can perform to target your core... and without a strong core, you ain't ever going to get that Sexy 6-Pack you've been wanting.. so let's get started! 

Lay flat on your back, place your hands in a triangle to place underneath your Butt to protect your back. Proceed, by raising your legs with your feet together in a 90 degree angle, then lower them back down but make sure you feet don't touch the ground. Transition into the next sequence by raising your legs up, pause for a few seconds at the top and slowly bring them back down (controlled movement) and hold for 5 seconds. It's hard.. but the results are worth it so don't give up!

Next up, let's do 10 reps of "Overhead Knee-Ups"

Lay flat on your back, keep your feet together and place your arms over your head while holding a Medicine Ball in your hands. Start "Crunching". Bring your knees together and squeeze them in towards your elbows. Make sure your feet don't ever touch the ground.

Now, let's move onto some "V-Ups". Similar to the double leg lift, but only this time your legs are spread out similar to the Letter V. While crunching, bring the Medicine Ball between your legs in a 90 degree angle. Go for 10 reps.

Finally, drop one leg and perform 10 Reps of "Single Leg Lifts". The leg that is dropped is about 2 inches off the ground, while the other leg is being raised to a 90 degree angle meeting your Medicine Ball at the top.

Exercise Equipment
Medicine Ball or Dumbbell