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Bikini Blast
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First, we are going to start with "Plank Jacks." Get down into a plank position and move your legs to the side and then back, you do this 5 times then you jump up and do a jumping jack without the arm movements. Once that is done you are ready to do it all over again.

Next we go with "Weighted Punches." Grab your light weights and pretend you are throwing a punch, the movements do not need to be huge or forceful. If you are afraid that you are going to let go of the weights you can always purchase ones with straps on them.

Its time now for some "Jumping Lunges with a Side Squat." Do 5 jumps and then 5 lunges to the side. Once you are done with 5 on one leg switch to the other. 

Next we will be doing "Crisscross." Get into the crab position but lift yourself off of the ground. Take your leg and move it to the side. Then bring it back in and cross it on top of your other leg. The entire time the leg that is on the ground you want to keep pushing with your other  heel. 

Exercise Equipment
1 Pair of Light Dumbbells