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Full Body Sculpt
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Let us get started with a "Front Shoulder Raise With Kick Back." You do 10 reps on each side and kick back while you are rising. I use a light weight, but if you can't for now that is fine, you will get there. So make sure you squeeze as you are doing it. 

Next we are going to do "Power Jump Squats." Bend down into a squat position and then jump up. Get those arms up there as high as you can. 

Now, its your turn to do "Curtsy Lunge With A Bicep Curl"  You do a curtsy with 1 leg and with the opposite arm you do a curl. You do this 10 times for each side. Make sure that you dig in with the heel on the ground.

Ready for yet another one? Then, let's do "Side Lunge With Shoulder Raise." This is almost the same as our first exercise except that you are doing a side lunge. Make sure you dig in deep and lunge as far as you can. We do 10 reps on each side. 

Finally, we're going to do 10 reps of "Plank Tucks". Start in the plank position and tuck your feet back to where your hands are. Do 10 fast.

Exercise Equipment
Light Pair of Dumbbells