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Let's get started with 10 reps of CARDIO SLIDES (on each side). This will get your heart rate going!

Now, hold a Dumbbell in each hand and transition into a set of "Reverse Lunges", then, finish off with a Shoulder Raise (lunge your left foot upwards while raising your left arm in front of you at the same time.) Remember guys CONCENTRATE and DIG IN WITH YOUR HEEL. Control your movement through all 10 Reps.

Next, we're onto having some fun with the Bent over "T"s. Bend over slightly and do raise you shoulders to the side of you, similar to a T, then bring that arm back down and raise it up in front of you. The key to doing this exercise properly is KEEPING YOUR BACK STRAIGHT. Don't hunch. Maintaining proper posture is what will give you the results. Do 15-20 reps of these.

Now let's burn those Triceps with some "Bent Over Tricep Pulses". Bend over slightly while keeping with your arms behind you and palms facing upwards and just pulse! Go for 10 reps on each side. 

While keeping the weights in you hands, bend down to your right while keeping your hands in front of you. Press off a little with your foot, about two inches from the ground. Try not to lean forward, and don't go all the way into a vertical position as it'll defeat the purpose of this being a cardiovascular exercise. Do 10 reps on each knee.

Now, it's time to get down into a Plank Position and do 10 reps of "Single Leg Knee to Chest". While in this position make sure your hands are under your shoulders and feet are hip width apart. Bring your knee to your chest then back, and then back up again and down to your elbow. Always SQUEEZE YOUR ABS while bringing your knee back up to your chest! :)

Let's finish off with some "Laying Scissors". Lay flat on your back and raise one leg up at a time, while hold a Dumbbell over your head. The weight and your toes are meeting in the middle . Concentrate on squeezing your abs while doing these leg raises, that's the only way you'll strengthen that core guys! 

Exercise Equipment
Medicine Ball
2 x Dumbbell (5lbs)