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Gluteus Maximus
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Let's kick things off with side to side steps. Start off by placing the Resistance Bands above your knees begin to fire up those Glutes. We need to activate the Gluteal Muscles for the next couple of exercises, so 10 reps of "Side Steps" while keeping your feet at hips width apart will do the trick ;) - Begin to Squat slightly and bring your knees inwards.

Once you're done with the "Side Steps", remain in the same position except just bring one knee in and out. We're doing 10 reps of "Single Knee Bands" (on each side). Make sure your other knee is stable and NOT going inwards. Switch sides.

Your Glutes should be BURNING by now! Burning to the point that we can get down to the ground and get started with 10 reps of "Hip Thrust". Lay flat on your back, plant the sole of your feet into the ground, keep your feet at hips width apart. Bring your pelvis all the way up and begin to go up and down. You should feel the resistance in your bands. Squeeze as tight as you can for the last rep, and hold yourself into the top position. Don't let go!

Now, stand up straight and bring the Resistance Bands up to your ankles. Proceed by getting into a Semi-Squat position. Step to your left, and step to your right. 

Finally turn things up a notch and grab some weights. Squad down with the Resistance Bands still around your ankles. Make sure your feet are hip width apart  and begin to just Squat up and down. Pause for 2 seconds when you're down. Remember to really SQUEEZE those cheeks and power up on your way up. Do as many as you can and you should have a Glorious Booty :P

Exercise Equipment
Resistant Bands
Light Set of Weights