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Lower Body Blast
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Let's start off by activating your Glute Muscles. Warming up is very important. It gently prepares your body to perform these exercises by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation; this will loosen the joints and increase blood flow to your muscles.

Place the Resistance Band right above your knee. Then, get down into a Chair Position. Take one leg forward, then back to the middle, and then move the same leg to the side and then back to the middle again. Make sure your feet are planted to the ground the entire time and legs remain slightly bent. Do 10 Reps on each side (front, side and back). 

Now, let's transition into "Plie Movements". Make sure you're well balanced. Begin with a Cursty. Raise one leg forward, curtsy again, then raise your other leg to the side, and curtsy + raise the leg behind you. Squeeze your booty.. especially when you're kicking behind you. Again, do 10 reps on each side of this exercise.

Hold onto something if you're having trouble maintaining balance. There is nothing more important than doing the exercise properly.

Next, we're going to do some "Full Plie Squats". Grab a weight, spread your feet apart, point your toes outwards and Squat! Do 10 reps and make sure you Squeeze really hard and push in with your heels while going down. 

Tired? Remember, Sweat is Sexy! So get ready for some "Stay Down Rear Leg Lifts"

Begin by putting your hands on the ground and kicking your leg up behind you. Go down into a Curtsy position. Hold yourself up for self-balance. You should feel this exercise in both butt cheeks. Do this for 10 reps (on each side) but during the last rep, hold your leg up in a straight position for 10 seconds. It's a MUST!

Lastly, we'll finish this workout off with a "Plank Rear Leg Lift". Go down into a Plank Position, either with your Hands or Elbows. Then, lift your right leg up behind you and point your toes and pulse. Go for 10 reps on each side. Make sure to really squeeze your ABS and BELLY BUTTON in! Concentrate on your Butt Cheeks as that's the area we're targeting.

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