Upper Body
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Shoulders to Lean On
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The first exercise we are going to do is a "1/4 Squat With A Front Raise." As you squat down you raise your arms in front of you.

Next we will do "Rear Delts With A Twist." You are going to bend down lift and squeeze.

Next we are going to do what I call "The Turn And Burn." You are going to bring the dumbbells up and in front of you. Now, move your arms sideways and then back in. For added flavor you can lower your arms then lift and do it all over again. 

You will love this next exercise that I call "Jazzercise Punches." As you are punching you want to squeeze your abs really tight. There's no need to go fast. On the contrary, the slower you go the more burn you will get. 

Exercise Equipment
Dumbbells - I use 5Lbs but you can use slightly Heavier ones