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Upper Body Beautifier - for Beginners
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The first thing we are going to do is a "Side Wall Pushup" (if you are unable to do a regular pushup this one will help you build the muscles to do one!) You will step a little bit away from the wall and put 1 hand on the wall, lower yourself down just like a regular pushup. The farther you step out from the wall the harder the exercise will be come but the benefits will be greater. Control your movement and don't lean on the wall. 

10 REPS 
Next we are going to do "Chair Dip." grab a chair, preferably something with arms and that does not roll. You want to hold on the the arms and slide yourself so your butt is off the chair. Go as far down as you comfortably can. If you don't have a chair with arms you can put your hands/arms on the seat of the chair. 

 Time to do a "Wall Pushup With A Clap." Step away from the wall while resting your hands on it. Lower your self towards the wal.l On the way up you are should do a clap. Then you move down, as close to the wall as possible, without hurting yourself. 

Then comes "Chaturanga" We are only doing one, get into a plank position with your hands square under your shoulders. Look about a foot in front of you and slowly lower yourself down to the ground. If you are unable to do the plank position that is ok you can also do it from your knees. 

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