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Upper Body Smash
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Alright, let's get our rate pumping with some "Marching Jump Squats". March forward to a four count and then perform two "Jump Squats". Then, do the exact same routine but this time march backwards. 10 Reps on each side.

Now grab your weights, we're about to do some "Mini Curtsy Lunges". You're executing a "Bicep Curl" while performing a Curtsy. Keep your elbows close to your side and focus on the muscles you're working on, remember, go slow and steady. Maintaining proper form is key to seeing those amazing results :smile:

Balance out your "Curtsy Lunges" with some "Side Lateral Raises". Raise both your arms to the side while simultaneously performing a curtsy and watch those sexy shoulders bulge.

Next, with your feet at hips width apart, bend over and make be sure to keep your legs and knees straight. Bring your hands in-front of you and perform 10 Reps (on each side) of the "Downward Dog Pushups". It's important that your hands are pointed in towards each other as you should feel this in your Triceps. this is a great tricep exercise. 

Now, grab your weights again and Squat Down to Chair Position. It's time for 10 Reps (on each side) of "Dumbbell Chops" :p - keep your feet together and while squatting down, swing your arms down to the left, and then to the right like a wood chop. This exercise will strengthen your Oblique Muscles

Take a quick timeout if you're feeling burnt out... but try not to! We're moving onto an exercise I like to call the "ALL FOURS". You can perform this with or without weights. Raise your left arm and right leg up at the same time and crunch in. You should feel the squeeze in your abs while crunching and blowing out at the same time. DON'T RUSH! This exercise needs to be performed very methodically. Balance is very important and adjust your weight as/where necessary.

Finally, we're going to end the Upper Body Smash with my "ABS Sequence". Lay flat on your back and keep your feet together, grab your dumbbells and raise your arms over your head. Perform a Crunch, but make sure your knees meet your elbows. If they don't, you're not strengthening your core, so really try your best to do this. It may be hard, but nothing worth having comes easy! Your feet must NEVER touch the ground!

Exercise Equipment
Medicine Ball
1 or 2 Pairs of Dumbbells