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Foam Rolling 101
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First you are going lay on your side and place the roller almost under your armpit under your LAT, you are going to roll back and forth until you feel a knot, at this point you’re going to let the roller sit on the knot for 30 seconds or more. You want to make sure that you are pushing relatively hard on the knot. Going easy will do no good.   

Next we are going to work on our IT band, you are basically following the same directions as above. The only difference is you are putting it under your thigh. A lot of times the IT band will contribute to lower back pain. You can work on rolling on the quadriceps as well.

You can switch to rolling the inside of your leg, when the muscle is really tight it’s hard to build out your glutes.

You can also roll on your calf, I find this helps me after a good run or workout to relax the muscles.

You can roll it around on your shoulders, a lot of times woman hold their stress in the shoulders and upper back.

Note: Never put the Foam Roller under your lower back, it's really bad for your spine. You can however put it vertically and roll it using your own arm power but do not lay on it.

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